A few new terms and why

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Hackintosh: noun, a generic term used to describe a non apple computer running Macintosh Operating system.

Hack: verb, in computer vernacular (geek speak) it means to change or alter hardware, software, or both to reach a desired function.

I know it has been a while since I wrote my last blog and frankly writing about 30 year old computers at best bores most people.  Second I would like to welcome any new reader, specially those from Alapaha.   Yes, your pastor is a card carrying geek.

For this past week I have been working on installing Mac OS 10.6 on my HP Mini 311 netbook.   Today in class was it’s first real world trial.   For the two who are really curious I am stable at 10.6.6 anything past that I get kernel panic no matter what patches or kext I use or alter.

Why?  This is the question many will ask.   And there are several reasons.

  1. As a student (and student of theology) I find many resources are available or better run on Mac’s.
  2. I have grown tired of Windows and the giant target it draws on ones back for malware and Trojan horses.  It is an arms race between protection utilities and malware developers.
  3. Cost.   See money has reared its ugly head once more.   Ever since Santa brought me a bare bones computer system (a computer kit ) for Christmas in high school, building what I wanted or needed has not been an obstacle.  A new Macbook Air cost well over $1200.  My HP Mini 311 has similar hardware specs (and I had already put in a 64gb ssd).   The best part it was almost given to me by Verzion when I renewed my wireless broadband contract.

How?  Well it was quite simple with very few complications.   First I purchased a copy of Mac OS 10.6 at an apple store (pay for software, don’t steal 8th commandment everyone).   I searched and found others who have done the same project on the same hardware and read their methods and notes.  I downloaded used a bootloading program (helps the computer to use the Mac OS set up disk, and has nothing to do with boot legging).   I found the appropriate software patches to deal with the computer not being a real Mac.   I will not bore you with the details but I was able after a bit of trail and error to install every  and have a computer that is stable and runs well.

What about open source?   I like Ubuntu Linux.   I really do.   And yes I do realize that OSX is based off of BSD.  The truth is that many things that I use or want to use need a well developed and supported operating system.   Linux is not there just yet.   I also don’t want to run every program in emulation.   There are a few GNU/GPL programs I use (such as gimp, a photo editing software) even in windows.  If I need a printer 90% of the time it will have mac drivers but linux I find it is more like 30% of the time.  Yes there is an issue of practicality here.

So there you have it everyone.   I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

Good night,


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