The First Hack

November 11, 2010 on 3:13 am | In Hacks | No Comments

Right now, I am just taking notes in class with the 102 and using a null modem cable and hyper-terminal to transfer notes from the Tandy to my netbook and put it into a master set of notes.  The big problem is the viewing angle, the desk in class slanst away from the sitter and being on the tall side… well the mix just makes it hard to see the screen.  I needed to be able to change the view angle so…. after looking for a small and consolable “cooling stand” to prop things up….

I found this at Radio Shack for about $8

It has 3 levels of rise, less that $8, light weight and easy to install.

Out of the Package

Clean and prep your surface well.

What’s that you see,  a maple leaf?   Yes this 102 did start off in Canada.. now if I can only find that Zed key.

Done, I just peel and stick, i put mine just bellow the cassette and modem ports and on the battery compartment.

It was simple and easy.  Your can do it too.   Next project will be making a proper full modem cable adapter.

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